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Here is possible to find people who collaborate in developing the SoftHand Pro.

Starting from Scientific Coordinators, passing through engineering and experimental activities.

Scientific and Engineering coordinators
Antonio Bicchi

Antonio Bicchi Senior Researcher

Manuel G. Catalano

Manuel G. Catalano Researcher

Giorgio Grioli

Giorgio Grioli Researcher

Research team - Engineering and Design
vinicio Tincani

Vinicio Tincani Mechatronic Design Certification and Compliance Production

Manuel Barbarossa

Manuel Barbarossa Mechatronic Design

Cristiano Petrocelli

Cristiano Petrocelli Mechatronic Design Design

Alberto Brando

Alberto Brando Mechatronic Design Production

Giacomo Dinuzzi

Giacomo Dinuzzi Mechatronic Design

Mattia Poggiani

Mattia Poggiani Control Design Firmware Design Electronic Design Certification and Compliance

Gaspare Santaera

Gaspare Santaera Electronic Design

Fabio Bonomo

Fabio Bonomo Electronic Design

Alessandro Tondo

Alessandro Tondo Firmware Design

Alessandro Raugi

Alessandro Raugi Firmware Design

Michele Maimeri

Michele Maimeri Control Design

Maria Rosanna Fossati

Maria Rosanna Fossati Design

Riccardo Persichini

Riccardo Persichini Production

Simona Casini

Simona Casini Certification and Compliance

Andrea Di Basco

Andrea Di Basco Technician

Research team - Scientific Activities
Martina Rossero

Martina Rossero Mechatronics and Modeling Control and Signal Processing

Matteo Bianchi

Matteo Bianchi Haptics

Simone Fani

Simone Fani Haptics

Federica Barontini

Federica Barontini Haptics

Edoardo Battaglia

Edoardo Battaglia Haptics

Cristina Piazza

Cristina Piazza Mechatronics and Modeling Control and Signal Processing Experimental Activities

Cosimo Della Santina

Cosimo Della Santina Mechatronics and Modeling

Patricia Capsi Morales

Patricia Capsi Morales Mechatronics and Modeling Control and Signal Processing

Manolo Garabini

Manolo Garabini Mechatronics and Modeling

Matteo Rossi

Matteo Rossi Control and Signal Processing

Sasha Blue Godfrey

Sasha Blue Godfrey Experimental Activities

Research team - Ethical committee and experimental activities
Federica Felici

Federica Felici Ethical committee and experimental activities

Graziela Rangel

Graziela Rangel Ethical committee and Regulations

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